Real Estate Tokenization

Realland unfolds to become the first Global Real Estate Exchange, an eco-system supported by its own Cryptocurrency, the Realland Token (RLD).

Global Real Estate Investment Reinvented

Adrienne (CSO) says, “the Exchange will be the stepping stone to a new Infrastructure and Ecosystem for Real Estate Funding and Financing paving the way for changes in the way we live, safe and invest.”

Real estate is the largest asset group in the world, but real estate investments are complicated, convoluted, and expensive. With high return opportunities requiring large sums of money, advanced knowledge, and sophisticated networks that most investors lack, it’s no surprise that real estate funds and investors continue to struggle with the lack of liquidity of large immobile assets on their balance sheet.

Realland solves these problems through a real estate marketplace that creates transparency, accessibility, and most of all liquidity for real estate owners and investors, regardless of their investment capacity or physical location.

The Realland Liquid Real Estate Ecosystem will form the basis for numerous new investing and financing propositions all to do with living, saving and investing.

Imagine if you could sell real estate as quickly as withdrawing money from your savings account. Would you still keep your savings in that 0% account? Or what about financing your house through Realland?

The same goes for property funds and owners. Instead of getting distracted by funding headaches, they can focus on what they’re best at.

Realland moves real estate investment onto the blockchain and aggregates real estate online through three functions:

✓ THE EXCHANGE — A real estate exchange that facilitates the trade of blockchain-based digital certifications for full or fractional property ownership.

✓ A DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL — A gateway that allows 3rd party real estate owners to market their real estate portfolios to a global investment community.

✓ AN INVESTMENT PLATFORM — A platform that enables investment in fractional real estate ownership.

Realland builds on its backer's deep knowledge of real estate crowd investment as well as from the experience of building a digital asset exchange.

Adrienne (CSO) highlights the magnitude of the opportunity:

“$217tr is the estimated value of all real estate in the world, 1%, $2,17 trillion, is traded annually, 0% of these trades currently take place on the blockchain. Moving just a fraction of the value of annually traded real estate on the blockchain presents a huge opportunity.”

The Realland team and its backers, represent an unprecedented level of diversified business knowledge, thought leadership in blockchain technology, real estate, cryptonomy, and law. They are determined to reshape the real estate investment market and replace the obsolete real estate investment model.

Realland believes that the real estate investment industry can and will become more transparent, liquid, and accessible with the implementation of innovative exchange solutions. It will take companies like Realland, with innovative and forward-thinking cultures, to demonstrate to the wider public that this is the way forward.

Our Journey just started…come and join us!

Realland will be announcing several key partnerships shortly.

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